Friday, July 8, 2011

How to design like an Architect?

After viewing the above video, what are some of the key learning points?

Please answer in the comment section below.

Deadline: 11th July 2011


  1. You have to keep having the idea in mind while thinking about the possibilities of it, the building's structure, features. Also, draw out the ideas you have out so you can keep track of what your doing. Use a lot of references related to your idea that you want to build and use some of the unique features you see and add on to your idea to make it interesting.

  2. -Design is based on life experiences.
    -When we sit and work, we will then solve the problem best.
    -We use what we know to solve the architectural challenge.
    -The location of the structure affects the architecture, as well as the uses of the building.

  3. - What you design is base on what you know. What you know is base on your life experiences.

    - We must sit and work through something before we can find the best way to solve a problem.

    - The best way to work out a solution to a problem is sketching.

    - Problem Solving is to put what you know into a challenge.

  4. Some of the key learning points are:
    - Design is dependent on the things a person knows or in general, life experiences
    - A person must work through a process in order to find the best way to solve a problem
    - Problem solving is putting in what we know and the challenge itself together to find a solution
    - In order to design well, one must put together his/her life experience to solve a problem being worked on.

  5. What are some of the key learning points?

    - Our designs is to some extend based on informations (Things that we know)
    - Before we can find the best solution for sth, we must first work through it (Sketching is an example)
    -Design problem solving is putting what we know with the challenge/problem to find a solution.
    - There's no one formula for design.**

  6. Some of the key learning point are:
    - Our designs are based on what we already know, to some extent.
    - Designing is a process, not just the solution. Going through the process of designing will help you to bring you the BEST solution. Sketching is good.
    - Spend time for problem solving, it's important!
    - Leave space for improvement when you're sketching.
    - Put together what you know, with what is wanted/needed, and you have your solution.
    - There are many ways to design, and it isn't a linear process.

  7. - How we design is based on, to some extent, on what we know and our life experiences
    - It is during the process of solving a problem where the solution appears
    - Sketching is the best ways to work out the solutions to a problem
    - In order to solve a design problem, we have to take what we already know and using it to solve the problem
    - There is no one formula for design

  8. How we design is mostly based on what we experience and the amount of time and effort spend on it, so it would be safe to say that you can only get better as you design more and more.

    You need to go through the process instead of coming out with a final solution as this may result in many unnecessary errors and faults which can be prevented in the thinking and planning process.

    Architecture is all about creativity, albeit with a little bit of critical and logical thinking. It doesn't matter if your building seems complicated or impossible, there are buildings all over the world that defy the laws and physics and can come up with buildings that has both the creativity element and the physical building that seems impossible when first heard.

    Do not let something you hear limit your thinking as there can be many solutions for architectural design. Again, you have to keep trying and trying as this will only increase your exposure and experience, which will result in how you build your buildings next time.

  9. Key Learning Points of the Video......

    Designing is basically based on a person's life and skills. It is one's experience in life that will help in solving a problem to architecture. So, everybody will each have their own solution and each solution will be uniquely different from each other.
    To get to the solution and the design of your building you first need to go through some processes that will help you understand your situation better and keep notes on it. Than we need to make sure we see all the minor details and put them in our thoughts as they will effect the solution to the design.
    The best way to solve the problem is to spend time to clearly think of all the problems that will arrive and put in what you want it the design of your building and if it is possible to put it in. We also need to be able to make sure the conditions are suitable for the type of building we are designing.
    In the end though there is no limits to your design after taking in all the considerations that will be effecting your design. Its all up to your creativity afterwards and if your design is possible to build in this age.If you are making a floating structure, chances are it may take thousands of years to get a solution to get your building to float. So, careful planning and creativity will work together and with your life's experiences shape out you architectural marvel.

  10. The learning points are:
    1. We should have an idea of what we want to draw before we start
    2. We could get our idea from other buildings, and then improve on them, making them suit you more
    3. We should label everything, even the materials
    4. The more significant things should be shaded
    5. We should know the structure's shape and its pillars design to make it more artistic.
    6. Shadows give it a more realistic effect
    6. Sometimes we should use rulers

  11. The learning points of this video are that. We have to know what we are drawing, following that, we must keep in mind what we want and design it with what we know. These ideas are gotten by whatever we do, and with research. We must sit through something before the best solution to solve a problem. One way to work out a solution is by sketching. We have to know the situation around, the surrounding and lastly, the human factor of that area. The designs should have limits and let the mind run free but with the criteria in mind. Lastly, plan carefully.

  12. -Design is based on what we know and the information we have
    -Problem Solving is taking what we know and then putting it together with a challenge
    -When we are finding the best way to solve a problem, we have to sit and work it out.
    -We must use what we know to solve a problem

  13. Siting down, expressing the problem/challenge will help find the solution. Sketching is a good way of expressing the problems. The solution must also be based on research, surveys, etc. This can allow the solution to be more easily found and also more challenge related. Putting down what we know and then adding the challenge to it, finally force it to blend together and we will find the solution.

  14. >Design is based on the information of what we know and experience
    >based on the different books we read,magazines,environment,friends,occupation and our living environment
    >"Its in the doing that the Idea Comes" -Edmund Bacon
    >>We must sit and experience the problem before we can solve it
    >What We know +Challenge = Solution for our Problem
    >Sketching is one solution to problem solving using the information we know.
    >We collect information through understand our client,and their requirements
    >There is no one formula for design;not finite.There can be an infinite number of solutions for every design.


  15. Architecture has many various components.
    1. Sketch. Sketch to represent your ideas. Ideas big and small, silly and smart. So that you would be able to represent your ideas in a fantastic and artistic way so that this would help you come out with a better design of a building. As the Chinese say, 放长线,钓大鱼. If you were do things better prepared, you would harness a better result. In this case, sketch such that the building would be able to come out as a better result.
    2. Know what is the needs and wants, and work towards fulfilling them. Such that when you are better prepared in your product.
    3. Don't be confined to a limited number of ideas. This is just like making a robot. When you make a robot, you need to think of the box, which later on may achieve an unbelievable result.

  16. You have to always pen down your ideas whenever you get one and you MUST always think of ideas no matter what happens and if you don't have any ideas what you can do is go around and refresh your mind. Never ever doubt yourself as that is a key point and don't limit yourself.

  17. 1.Sketch out your ideas. Then you can further improve it further. Remember! Don't limit your ideas !
    2.Take what you know and place it into the sketch to make it feasible.
    3.Do Research! Only counting on what you know isn't a good idea. Through research, then can we improve!

  18. Design is dependent on what you know.
    Sketching is a good way of spotting problems.

  19. The key learning point is
    -To design base on what we know and the information we have
    -We have to do something to design.
    - Sitting down while experiencing the problem can help us solve the problem.

  20. Learning points for this are that design is based on life experiences, and sketching is a good way to see the problem and get the idea for the answer. It should be based on what we know.

  21. Sketch your design out to have a clearer view of what your design looks like, it will help you a lot. Design is also based on what we know and past experiences. The location of the structure affects how the architecture of the building, as well as the purpose of the building.