Friday, July 22, 2011

Architectural acclaim for SOTA and The Helix

After reading the article.

What are your thought? What do you think are the contributing factors to winning the awards?
Please post your thoughts in the comment section below.

Deadline: 25th July 2011

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  1. Thoughts: Even students can help in creating something special. A simple shape can make it very appealing to people.

    Factors helped in winning: It was very unique and special- the only one in Singapore.

  2. Probably it was the uniqueness and it being able to satisfy the essential qualities of a good architectural design. It is user-friendly and it is appealing to the eye. It does not look like a regular bridge although it functions like one. Apart from the architectural design, it also has special features on the bridge. For example, platforms which are connected to the sides of the bridge and are found every ? meters. There is also the structure of the DNA incorporated into the design - ATGC.

  3. SOTA and the Helix are both special designs with a theme. Factors affecting the theme of the structures includes the environment it is in, the purpose of the structure and the message (if any) that the structure wants to bring across to the visitors. These makes it a good architectural design.

  4. I think that the contributing factors to winning the awards are that the buildings, however complex/different it looks, derived from things that are often overlooked in life because of it's size and relevance to daily work/life (eg. we don't think about DNA all the time, and plants along the street/up on the walls are not given a second look.)

  5. I think that good architecture always have a concept to it, like SOTA, the concept was to create a creative learning space. good architecture are sometimes inspired by other thing too, like The Helix Bridge, it was inspired by the DNA for the double helix structure.

    The factor that contribute to SOTA and The Helix Bridge is that the designers made good use of the surroundings. For SOTA, the natural light and ventilation is effectively used, for The Helix Bridge, there were platforms for the people to view the Singapore skyline.

  6. I feel that such architectural designs are very unique due to its stand out structure and design. It is not commonly seen around the world and the designers have made full use of everything around them as their inspiration, even a small common item that everyone overlooks or takes for granted, and through their design help people to change their view on it.

  7. I think the Helix bridge has a unique design as its theme is based on something that we do not think about (the DNA) which makes it a unique design. SOTA has a unique and eco friendly design and features.

    SOTA won the award as there are plants surrounding the school, something that is slightly uncommon for buildings (around that dhoby ghaut area), let alone schools. This makes it stands out from surrounding buildings. The Helix bridge won the award as it also has a unique design that is based on something overlooked by many people. The bridge can also glow at night, which attracts people to the bridge at night.

  8. Thought:We can create something very beautiful,complex using very simple examples and principles in our everyday lives.

    Factor:It uses a very simple principle to create something complex.Complexity emerges from the simple principle of the Helix.