Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Lesson 2 by Wee Ren Chang (21)

Part 1

Picture 1: The scissors is a first class lever. Its fulcrum is in between the load and the effort.

Picture 2: This nail clipper is a class 2 lever. Its load is between the effort and the fulcrum.

Picture 3: This is a table lamp, is has linkages to adjust its height and where the light shines.

Picture 4: This is a foldable clothes dryer, it uses linkages to fold the dryer open and close, and to keep it open.

Picture 5: This is a foldable kitchen door. It uses linkages and pivots to fold open the door.

Part 2

This is the video of the problem situation:

This is a piano. When it is closed, the fingers of the person closing the piano might be wedged between the piano cover and the piano. Below is the solution for the situation.
.Problem Situation Solution.jpg

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