Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Lesson 2 by Kang Yan (5) Part 1

Photo 1
Photo 1 depicts a vacuum insulted food jar which keeps food warm for a long period of time. The cover of the jar is a second class lever, with the effort applied on one end of the pivot on the other end.This allows the user to open the insulted jar with the less effort needed.

Photo 2
Photo 2 depicts a pair of tongs with uses linkages/third-class levers to function. The pivot is located at one end of the tong and the load being at the other. This allows the user to move the load for a longer distance with the less distance moved by the effort.

Photo 3
Photo 3 depict a spanner which uses screws to function. Two screws are placed perpendicular to each other, causing the force applied at one of the screw to change its direction when it is being transferred to the other screw. When the visible screw is rotated, the screw hidden in the spanner also rotates causing the grip to move.

Photo 4
Photo 4 depicts a foldable mini table. The stand of the table make use of the linkage to function. The pivot is at the center of each of the two sides of the stand. This makes the stand folds easily and nicely when the mini table is not in use.

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  1. For photo 1 --- It is insulated jar, not insulted jar.