Wednesday, March 23, 2011

eLearning Lesson 1 by Ng Kok Yin (07)

For question 2: As the pear shaped cam moves anti-clockwise, the flat follower will rise at the peak of the pear shaped cam and descend to its lowest point and then rise up again to the peak of the cam. This cycle will continue until the movement of the wheels stops.


  1. What makes your sketch clear?
    • Labels
    • Direction arrows
    • Clear drawings
    • Zoomed in view

    How to make it better?
    • More Description

  2. What makes the factors that make the sketch clear: There is a close up of each mechanism in each pictures.

    Unclear: For the first sketch, there is no indication that the cam is the wheel or if it is fixed on the wheel. For both sketches, there is no explanation on what will happen when we fold up the table.