Wednesday, March 23, 2011

eLearning Lesson 1 by Aaron_Sng (18)

1a) Connect a gearbox to the wheels. So there would be transfer of rotary motion to the body, causing the body to move about a pivoted point which is otherwise known as oscillatory motion.


  1. It could be clearer how the gears are connected to the duck. The open and close positions of the duck, does not fit with the side view of the duck.

  2. Question 1) Not easily understandable, and is not self-explanatory. Show the direction in which the wheels and gears turn, and write a short write-up on how it works. How does the gear system cause the duck to have oscillate?

    Question 2) Your sketch does not explain how the mechanism works. What mechanism are you using? You only show the underside and the side view. How do the legs stay? There are no explanations, and no annotations for the mechanisms.

  3. - Good idea but picture is not clearly drawn
    - there should be more explanation, especially on the 2nd item
    - It would be good if you do and enlarged view of the gearbox