Friday, March 25, 2011

e-Learning Lesson 2 by Soe_Yan_Naung@Norman(19)

Pic 1_ Scissors

The scissors use a First class lever system in order to work. It uses this system to cut objects with the least amount of effort that can be applied.

Pic 2_ Correction Tape

The correction has gears in it that works together to wound up the tape. Together they act as a type of chain and sprocket. This allows the tape to be used and than rewind into the cartridge.

Pic 3_ Stapler

The stapler is a Class two type lever which has a fulcrum at the back and the effort is applied at the front and the load is also at the front but only a little more at the back of the effort.

Pic 4_ Charger Head

This uses a Class two type lever to bring out the two pins and has the effort applied at the end of the pins.

Pic 5_ Launcher

This uses a simple reck and pinion to launch spinning tops. There is a pinion hidden inside the launcher and the string acts as a rack.

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