Friday, January 14, 2011


1) Write down 2 key learning points for today's lesson.

2) How do you think you can make use of the learning points in your toy design later on.


  1. 1) I have learnt that - we must be specific in what to write.
    - even if we cannot think about anything, there's is still something to learn from every toy, if we think hard.

    2) I think I can make use of this learning points to improvise on my product's solution in the future.

  2. 1)2 ket learning points:
    -How to describe a toy better
    -How to improvise on a product

    2) We can make it better so that the people who buys it can enjoy the game better and the game can last long.

  3. 1) Time management
    Taking the initiative to start doing the work

    2) To enable the team to work together to finish their designated work on time, thus completing the toy design faster and more efficient.

  4. 1. I learnt that we can learn how to make a toy interesting from observing other toys. There are alot of factors affecting the product such as material and learning points.

    2. We can use the information to apply to our toys to make it more educational, sustainable and interesting.

  5. I have learnt that analysing the product is important. It can help you in thinking of ways to improve the product. By thinking of getting the faults of the toy, I can improve on my design,sustainability etc.

    This can be applied in my toy designing as I can know how to improvise on my product.

  6. I have learnt what to look out for in product analysis.
    Do research before jumping to conclusions.

    2) I can research what interests children.

  7. I've learnt how to describe the toy in full details and explain how the toy brings out the fun and how to improve it to make it better.

    I've learnt that we need to work harder and change our lousy study attitude.

    I know the characteristics of our toy design and how to anaylyse it. As a result, I can use the analytics to create our toy.

  8. I have learnt what to find in products like their weakness and their strength and what we have to do after finding all this information.

    I can use that to help me find the weakness and strength of my toy design and I can overcome the weakness and strengthen the strength

  9. 1) Write down 2 key learning points for today's lesson.
    -When you look at a product, you have to look at the good and bad points for the product
    -I learned how to describe a product

    2) How do you think you can make use of the learning points in your toy design later on.
    -I can use the good learning points of other toys to make my toy

  10. Colour may not affect how much a child enjoys playing with a toy. Instead, it should be the function and uses of the toy that are more important.
    Excitement is one of the key features, as a challenge is needed, if not the child will get bored of the toy after a while.

    2) When I design the toy, I will make it challenging, so that people will want to keep playing with it until they can do it well.

  11. 1) 2 key learning points
    - How to tell how useful the toy is
    - How to describe the toy properly

    2)We can improve the toy by adding features to it

  12. 2 Key Points
    - You must be focused when doing a product analysis.
    - You also need to focus on identifying the factors of a good toy.
    We would just focus on how should you apply it to your toy to make it a very fun, yet educational toy.

  13. I learn how to describe the toy, like the colour, materials and design.
    I learnt that toys can be modified to be better.

    I can make use of the learning point in the educational toy

  14. -When we do product analysis, we look at the good and bad factors which influence the design of the toy.
    -I learned how to describe the toy by looking at it's design shape colour and material.

    -We can use the learning points in using the good factors of the toy to design our toy.

  15. 1) i learnt the ways to describe a toy properly in detail.
    I learnt how to improve a product not just it's appearance but the educational means.
    2) I think i would be able to make use my toy design by educational means easily.

  16. i learn how to fully describe an object and how to improve it.

    i can use it to improve my toy

  17. 1) Write down 2 key learning points for today's lesson.

    -How to observe the toy better
    -how to write the description

    2) How do you think you can make use of the learning points in your toy design later on.

    -we can use it to find out about other toys in the market and why they are good.

  18. 1. Sustaining a toy is to not only make it last longer, but also to sustain the interest of the child in the toy. Also, if we find that a toy is not fun/does not appeal to you, we should not analyse it in the first place, because the main point of a product analysis is to sieve out the good parts of the toys to include in our own toy design.

    2. When we need to decide how we should design the toy, we should keep in mind how we are going to sustain the interest of the toy in the child.

  19. 1. Learning to describe in details and Understand the weakness and strengths on the toy and develop it.
    2. Use the advantages of the toy and use in on our design

  20. 1) Write down 2 key learning points for today's lesson.
    - I learnt that we should consider the uses and learning points of a toy before analyzing it.
    - We will have to be responsible for our group's project and no pushing all jobs to the team members.

    2) How do you think you can make use of the learning points in your toy design later on.
    After completing our toy, I can use the product analysis method to determine the use and educational level of the toy.

  21. I learnt how to carefully analyze and find out about a toy. I learnt that it is very important to analyze the product clearly to find the good and bad points and see if the product is a good product or not and see if it needs improvement. I also found out how a product analyze should be.

    I learnt also that a toy will have a learning point and a fun point. I also found out that a toy's learning and fun point is important.

    I can make use of the product analyze skills to find out about how good the toy design will be and add more fun and learning points to it.

  22. 2 Learning Points:
    We should take more pride in our work by putting in more effort,more hardworking,reflect and put in more details,more description to let people have a deeper understanding and understand what you were trying to say.

    We should take the initiative and should not wait for things to happen.If we were to take the initiative we could have completed and finished our work faster.


    We could have taken the initiative and rush things and try to persuade,convince and encourage them to work faster such that we could concentrate and be able to finish the work on time.

  23. 1. I learnt that we need to take into account the simple minute details when designing a toy and also to be focused on what we do.

    2. It helps to design the toy perfectly for our target audience and also to help us focus and be on task.